the responsibility of adults in fandom is to not hurt children. that i agree with. but what that means is that we don’t attack children and we don’t act like pedophiles. that’s all it means.

if you’re a teenager and you read my fics that are dark or violent or sexually explicit even after i tag them for dark and violent and explicit content, that does not mean i have made fandom unsafe for you. it means you did not heed the warnings. you ignoring warnings, ratings, and tags means only one of us is at fault for that and buddy, it ain’t me.

i’m not your dad or your baby sitter. i’m here to provide content to other adults. when i write that’s who i have in mind. i have almost no control over teenagers who wander onto my blog or ao3. but the teenager who ends up there does have control. i don’t owe an explanation or an apology for my fandom content and y’all can take the puritanical “protect the children from fictional violence” bs elsewhere.

i didn’t mean to go on a rant lol i’m just real sick of the bullshit rn

It’s not up to creators to police teens who come to the site and ignore warnings. That job is up to parents.